Add a sickness absence

Step 1

Log onto PiP for Me and from the menu at the top of the screen click on Absence

 PiP For Me top banner options

Step 2

Under Sickness click on Add sickness

Add sickness button at right of Sickness title 

Step 3

Complete the details in the pop-out window.

For sickness absences you need to choose:

  • the Absence type (select Sickness or Accident at work)
    Note: Only select Accident at work if it has been proven to be a genuine accident at work

  • the Absence reason (select why you were off sick)

  • the Sickness period (select part of a day, full day or more than one full day)

Sickness details pop-up box including absence type, reason, period and dates

Step 4

Enter the Start Date for your sickness absence 

Step 5

If you are adding this sickness absence on the first day of your absence or whilst you are still off sick complete the End date with an estimated date of the last day 

Note: You cannot save your sickness absence without inputting an end date. However, if your estimated end date is not the actual end date of your sickness absence, your line manager can amend it for you.

Step 6

Click Save

 Green Save button and Grey Cancel Button options

Step 7

Log off PiP for Me if you are finished with the system.


Warning: Be aware of keeping your information confidential, especially if you are using PiP for Me in an open or public place