Performance Development

In any well-functioning organisation, performance development plays a crucial role in supporting staff.

Performance development is all about creating a workplace where everyone takes responsibility. People work together to improve how things are done, enhance their skills, and grow. It’s like a two way street: Managers explain what they need from their teams, and team members share what they need to do their jobs effectively. In a nutshell, it’s about teamwork, growth, and clear communication.

Performance development is all about how managers and staff interact. It’s about creating better conversations and stronger connections. Why does it matter? Well, it motivates employees, aligns organisational goals, helps us measure performance, and encourage discussions about growth and improvement. In simpler terms, it’s the engine that drives progress within and organisation.

To find out about Performance Development within the Isle of Man Government please visit Our Public Service. (You may be asked to log in, please use your Government username with at the end e.g. and your normal government password.)