Performance review and competencies

There are 6 areas in which all civil servants are expected to show competency.

In the Civil Service we value:

  • Leading and working together –  acting with integrity, openness and honesty and trusting colleagues, showing loyalty towards them
  • Communicating and influencing – communicating accurately, briefly and clearly
  • Achieving results – showing drive and determination to achieve results, consistently meeting agreed deadlines
  • Delivering a quality service – treating customers and customer service as top priority
  • Changing and learning – being open and receptive to new ideas and ways of working
  • Showing commitment and resilience – demonstrates pride and persistence in work, whilst maintaining a productive work-life balance

The level of competency expected depends on the Civil Service grade. The use of competencies provides a consistent and objective base for performance and development review across the Civil Service. It allows staff to demonstrate knowledge skills and achievements against transferable standardised competencies, which aids and enhances career development.

Benefits of a competency framework

The framework has a number of long-term benefits for members of the Isle of Man Civil Service, the Isle of Man Government and members of the public.

These benefits are:

  • improving public services – through embedding the principles of good customer service in the development and review of staff and linking the framework to policy priorities
  • improving teamwork – research shows that a competency framework helps people work better as a team, develop a better understanding of each others’ roles and consider where work can be planned to deliver better services to the public
  • greater innovation in the deployment of staff – the competency framework provides a tool for job design whether this is in terms of clarifying existing expectations of staff or developing new roles to better meet the needs of the public
  • improved equality of opportunity– the framework applies equally for all staff in development, review and career progression
  • improving career development – by clearly setting out the progressive levels of competence staff will be able to use the framework flexibly to assist them in their career development within the Isle of Man Civil Service
  • improving morale – as an open, fair and explicit development framework the competency framework will form a positive motivator for all staff