Your Payroll Queries Answered

 Any Payslip Queries? 

Our new payslip includes more detail— which is great.

However, for some, the detail has raised some questions Here’s the answers to the ones we have been hearing: 

What’s going on with the year to date balances? 

We have been having problems with how these were showing on the payslip. 

The good news is that these issues are now resolved and your March balances will be correct in time for your tax return.

I got pay award back pay this month - why did I have extra lines of information on my payslip ? 

When pay award back pay is processed for 2018/19, your pay in 18/19 was partly paid from Oracle and partly from PiP. 

As a result, each type of back pay has two lines on your payslip If you also received overtime, shift allowance etc during 18/19 this adds even more lines. 

What does 'Other' mean? 

There’s lots more space for detail in our new payslip. However, there is still a limit and, once this is reached, remaining payments are grouped together under 'other'. 

Call Payroll if you would like the detail of any payments you have received under 'Other'. 

Any other payslip queries?

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