PSC Pay Award 2023/24

The Public Services Commission (PSC) would like to inform all PSC employees that following negotiations with Prospect and Unite the Union agreement has now been reached in regard to the pay award for April 2023.

A 6% pay award will now be applied to all grades of staff who are employed by the PSC on 27 October 2023.

Where local agreements and allowance refer to ‘payments being increased at the same percentage rate as the annual pay award,’ this amount will be 6%.

The award will apply to the rates of pay for all PSC Civil Service, Manual and Craft employees and all other staff of the Department of Education, Sport and Culture except teaching and lecturing staff as well as staff employed under New Terms for New Starters and Promotions (NTNSP) (and public service employees on analogous terms and conditions).  It includes all pay ranges, pay bands, points on the pay spine, the JESP pay ranges.

In addition it has been agreed to remove the requirement for PSC employees on NTNSP terms and conditions to use annual leave or flexi leave where their work places are closed on what is referred to as the privilege day.  As a consequence all PSC employees will be entitled to the privilege day off with pay in addition to their annual leave entitlement.

The Payroll Team, OHR is now recalculating all salary spine points so employees will see the 6% increase in their salary on 24 November 2023.  Any arrears that are due from April 2023 will be paid in November 2023 pay.

Employees who have ceased employment with the PSC prior to 27 October 2023 are not entitled to receive any increase or arrears of pay from the pay award.

The PSC is pleased that the award can be implemented immediately and that employees will benefit from this increase before Christmas. 

If you have any queries regarding how the pay award impacts you, please speak to your line manager.