PSC Newsletter

As part of the pay negotiations a number of additional changes were agreed which take effect from 1 January 2019:

New Starters

The removal of the differential overtime multipliers for new starters (i.e. reinstatement of double time (premium pay) overtime for Sundays and bank holidays and the 10 hour per month at plain time rule.

Buying/Selling Leave

That the Commission would explore the introduction of a scheme to buy and sell annual leave commencing initially with a pilot scheme for buying leave with effect from 1 April 2019.

Paternity Leave

The PSC Manual and Craft Paternity Leave entitlement has been increased to a maximum of 5 days paid paternity leave in any 2 year period.

Flexi Scheme

The removal of core time within the PSC Civil Service Flexible Working Hours Model scheme, enabling Departments to operate the scheme effectively as operational requirements allow.

This is only applicable to Departments, Boards and Offices that operate a flexi time scheme and whilst core times will cease to exist, individuals and managers are reminded that flexi time is not a right.

Other Changes

Over the past year the Commission has been working with Prospect and Unite with a view to identifying PSC terms and conditions that could be harmonised, including:


We are currently harmonising the Civil Service and Manual and Craft Capability procedures to make the procedure easier to follow for both managers and employees alike. Once finalised, work will then commence on harmonising the Disciplinary and Grievance procedures. There are also plans to update the Civil Service Redeployment and Redundancy Procedures and to extend the provisions to manual & craft workers.


Discussions are ongoing in respect of changes to the Civil Service Regulations removing the essential entry requirement of 5 GCSEs or equivalent enabling people with the right skills and experience as well as qualifications to work for us. Departments Boards and Offices will in future be able to have this requirement as desirable, rather than essential.

Should you have any views on the above or any other PSC terms and conditions, please let your union representatives know or alternatively contact Ruth Hussey, Assistant Secretary, (; Tel: +44 1624 685725)

The Commission will keep you updated of any progress made in these discussions. A separate newsletter will be issued soon regarding progress of the Industrial JEGS project for manual and craft workers.