New monthly payslip format

With the introduction of our new HR system, PiP, the format of your monthly payslip is changing this September.

The new version incorporates a number of improvements for you, including:

  • a new layout
  • more detail on payments including a breakdown of any overtime or allowances (which is something lots of people have asked for!)
  • messaging space to enable us to keep you better informed with corporate messages

Here’s an example to give you an idea of what it will look like:

PiP New format payslip

For the next few months all payslips will be sent to your home address. 


Please bring the poster (available in the sidebar) to the attention of employees who do not have regular access to emails or may be absent from work.

What's next for PiP

This is the first of a number of positive changes you will see as we make the transition to PiP.

The next steps will be:

  • introducing this new payslip format for weekly pay and pensioners
  • rolling out self service across Departments so that payslips, claim forms, personal and assignment information are available to all employees electronically. 
  • stopping printing payslips, making the process more efficient and saving trees and money!

Any questions?

If you have any queries about your payslip when you receive it feel free to call OHR on +44 1624 685595/685000 or email