Keep in touch days

Planning your maternity/adoption leave can be a daunting prospect. As well as ensuring that you have completed all the right paperwork and working out how much time you can afford or want to take off, you need to get used to the prospect of being away from your job, workplace, colleagues and normal daily routine for a considerable period of time.

As a result, it is now quite common for mothers and adoptive parents to take up to 12 months off work on maternity/adoption leave. While a longer period of maternity/adoption leave provides you with more precious months at home with your children, it can also make the prospect of returning to work once it’s over much more daunting.

Keep-in-Touch (KIT) days can provide a number of advantages for both you and your employer for the smooth transition back after maternity/adoption leave.

KIT days are available to all employees who are eligible to receive Maternity or Adoption Allowance, irrespective of their terms and conditions of employment.