Career support

We recognise the importance of providing relevant support to you throughout your career and this development occurs in various ways.

LEaD can provide a wide range of opportunities to support you and your staff to enhance knowledge, skills, understanding and effectiveness. This will not only maximise the productivity of you and your team but also ensures that you remain qualified, motivated and engaged in delivering high quality services both now and in the future.


Some development opportunities will have resource implications, which may need considering. This may at times place limitations on availability. The following list provides some examples of how we can support you and your team to develop.

Examples of support
360 Degree Feedback Psychometric testing
In-house training External courses/training
Action Learning Sets Management training
Induction training Secondments
Shadowing/observing Multi disciplinary forums
eLearning Independent learning
Coaching and mentoring Research forums
Project Work Workshops
Accredited qualifications (ILM) Change management

For further information please take a look at our Learning Prospectus.