Engagement Toolkits

Ok, we’ve got our results…now what?

Now your area of work has received their results, what is the next step? The data from our pulse surveys are a reflection of the thoughts and feelings of those who have completed them. Taking the time to analyse the data, to understand what staff are communicating through the numbers and highlighting those areas that would benefit from further improvement is a critical step in the reflective learning process and even more so in the development of a plan to make positive changes.

If a tree falls in the forest and there’s nobody around to hear it, does it really make a sound? – Taking action ensures feedback is heard and valued.

Acting on the information pulse survey results provide can offer many benefits including improved engagement and overall better service output. There are a variety of different strategies and solutions that could utilise survey results to get the best out of them. View a useful guide by Quantum Workplace to help plan your next steps.

Have Your Say Engagement Toolkits

To help with actionable change and the implementation of improvement strategies, LEaD have created a series of useful engagement toolkits, one toolkit for each pulse survey. Engagement toolkits contain a variety of media that offer guidance and practical activities e.g. webinars, how-to guides and templates. These can be accessed below. 

LEaD Support

In addition to the provision of toolkits, LEaD are on hand to offer a variety of services to support you and your post-survey plans including for example consultation, design and facilitation.

Engagement Toolkits

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