Have Your Say

What is 'Have Your Say'? 

‘Have Your Say’ is what we in the Isle of Man Public Service call our employee engagements surveys. Historically ‘Have Your Say’ has been one biennial survey. You can see the results from these surveys at the Isle of Man Government's website.

From 2021 ‘Have Your Say’ is taking on a new, refreshed ‘Pulse Survey’ format. This new approach will mean that the surveys are shorter and easier to complete. Over the duration of the year a series of  pulse surveys will be launched across the organisation, focussing on a variety of work related topics that impact on the engagement of our people.

Our new ‘Have Your Say’ domain will enable results to be more readily available to be viewed. Importantly, it will mean that support in addressing any areas identified will be more immediate.

Why we survey

Engagement is a critical factor in the successful delivery of high quality services to the Isle of Man and its people. Importantly, engaging with our workforce, placing job satisfaction at the forefront of this and ultimately creating a workplace that fosters a happier working life, sits at the heart of our ‘Have Your Say’ pulse surveys.

Pulse surveys provide a steady stream of regular and current feedback, offering valuable real-time insights throughout the year. We ‘pulse’ to remain connected with our workforce and to drive forward our pursuit for continuous improvement.

Want to know more about engagement? Visit the LEaD Prospectus and explore available courses or view CIPD’s factsheet.

This month's pulse point

Leadership is so much more than ensuring deadlines are met and that quotas are filled. It's about inspiring and motivating those around you; being open and transparent, even when the information is difficult to share. It's about getting communication right and being visible and available to your colleagues. As a Leader, we want to engage those around us to contribute to the success of our organisation. Leaders are visionary and see challenges as opportunities to work together to make things a triumph.