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Appraisals – a task that is often met with an eye roll and a groan or two but an essential part of working life. Here in the Public Service, appraisal is a requirement. Not just for regulatory purposes but because it plays an important role in the progression of your personal and professional development.

Our organisation is extraordinarily diverse given the range of services we provide. With this in mind, a ‘one size fits all’ approach to appraisal does not suit the needs of our people. There are options.

Most commonly used organisation wide is the 3Cs appraisal approach. Visit our Learning Pathways on eLearn Vannin to find out more.

Ways We Appraise

Performance Development Review

The PDR is a well established form of appraisal. Used by the organisation for some time now, the PDR involves an annual meeting with your line manager and a review of your performance during the year. This is measured against objectives which you must evidence how you have achieved.

The 3Cs Approach

This is a newer method of appraisal which consist of a minimum of x6 short conversations with your line manager over the year. Conversations are themed using the People Qualities Framework and are focussed on the individual rather than the work they produce.

CARE Approach for DHSC Staff

This adapted version of the 3Cs Approach was designed specifically for staff within the Department of Health and Social Care and based on their CARE values. The same structure is applied to this approach.

For more information and essential documentation for your appraisal, visit the LEaD Library