Natalie Conroy

Mikey MouseStranger ThingsItalian food ingredients

Here at LEaD, I: Do a variety of things relating to Organisational Development. From designing behavioural competency frameworks, to launching a staff engagement survey, my job never ceases to challenge me. I love that every week my job presents something new and thought-provoking; and because OD+D works across every aspect of Government, I know that whatever I’m working on will always have an impact.

 Ask me about: Employee Engagement and Staff Surveys, Values, Competency Framework Design, Appraisals, eLearning Design, eLearn Vannin

I joined LEaD in: April 2016

What I Love at LEaD: The people I work with, and the variety of work and challenge that comes with my role

Mastermind Topic: Stranger Things

Favourite Food: Italian food; pasta, pizza, gelato, risotto, caprese, ciabatta, tiramisu... it’s ALL just amazing.

Favourite Quote: “Audaces Fortuna Iuvat” which is Latin for ‘Fortune Favours the Bold’ (so much so that’s it’s permanently inked on my foot)