Organisational Development and Design

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Organisational Design is the process and outcome of shaping an organisational structure to align it with the business purpose and context in which it exists.
(CIPD, 2020)
Organisational Development (OD) is the planned and systematic enabling of sustained performance in an organisation through the involvement of its people.
(CIPD, 2020)

The ultimate outcome of Organisational Development and Design is to rethink the way we do things and explore ways we can improve them to increase our performance, effectiveness and productivity. This can look like transformational work, reorganisation, restructuring, organisational tools, techniques and diagnostics.

The OD Team work organisation-wide, with an incredibly diverse customer base which requires an equally diverse approach to designing employee-centred solutions. 

We design bespoke development sessions, facilitate a diverse range of subjects and help formulate engagement strategies that make the Isle of Man Government a nicer place to work for staff and a more efficient provider of services to the people of the Isle of Man.

We’re always happy to talk Organisational Development and Design so give us a call to arrange a consultation. We’ll get the kettle on! We hope you like Party Rings.

CIPD Organisational Development Factsheet
CIPD Organisational Design Factsheet