Our services

Our diverse services support:

Development of Public Service People Strategy and the Framework of Corporate Employment Policies and Procedures

It is essential that thee tools are up to date, and reflective of current employment legislation, conditions and practices, to empower and to support a consistency in application across the Public Service. Much of this work is led and coordinated by the Office of Human Resources.

Maintenance and Updating of Terms & Conditions of Service

Across Government considerable effort continues to be expended to maintain and update terms and conditions of service to reflect developments in employment legislation, current employment conditions and changing service delivery requirements.

Delivery of Employment Support and Advice

The continued provision of quality and timely employment support and advice is crucial to the consistent implementation of employment policies and the interpretation and application of terms and conditions of employment. This includes job evaluation, organisational reviews, recruitment management and administration, and absence management.

Development of People & Performance Management Systems & Procedures

The development and implementation of job holder focussed performance management and development processes is key to the improvement of performance across the Public Service.

A Government Internal Audit report of 2009 has reinforced the importance of effective performance assessment, monitoring and the management of poor performance across the Public Service. In this context the report also highlighted the position of the central HR function as a key source of support and guidance on developing performance management systems that meet consistent criteria, good practice and the needs of individual employers.

Development of Capability through Learning & Organisational Development

The Office of Human Resources is the primary provider of corporate learning opportunities for public servants and will continue to develop and deliver a variety of activities and approaches to learning which reflect and support corporate objectives and priorities. The Learning and Organisational Development Division has become an Approved Centre with The Institute of Leadership and Management and offers accredited programmes in leadership, coaching and service improvement.

Development of an Effective Recruitment Service

We deliver a comprehensive recruitment and employment administration service on behalf of the Civil Service Commission, most Departments of Government and a number of statutory boards and other bodies, in accordance with Government’s recruitment and selection policy and the requirements of the individual employer.

Strengthening of Health, Safety and Welfare Provision

Professional advice, information and support in relation to health & safety is sourced by many Departments, Boards and Offices from the Office of Human Resources. In addition, the Staff Welfare Officers provide confidential counselling, mediation and trauma and organisational support across the Public Service. 

Development and Dissemination of Corporate HR/Workforce Statistics

The Office of Human Resources fulfils a key role in the compilation, interpretation and dissemination of HR /workforce related statistical information.

Statistics are included in the following reports: