Human Resources Division

The HR Management Division is at the centre of all activities undertaken by the Office of Human Resources. The Division is made up of two sections which together provide support to the whole of the Office of Human Resources while at the same time specialising in specific areas of Personnel/HR work.

We provide central support to all Government Departments in relation to:

  • strategic HR issues
  • provide advice and guidance to management and staff on employment law, terms and conditions and HR processes and procedures
  • undertake a variety of employment administration duties according to the needs of Departments

HR Business Partners and HR Advisers

HR Business Partners and their teams provide advice and guidance to Public Service managers and staff with regard to all HR management and employee and industrial relations issues.

Information, advice and support in respect of the following can be provided:

  • corporate people strategy, HR policies, procedures and practices
  • terms and conditions of employment/service
  • management of people and performance
  • grievance, discipline and capability handling and resolution
  • recruitment, current employment law and practice

Advice is available by telephone or in person, however, if you wish to speak to an HR Adviser in person, whenever possible appointments should be pre-arranged.

The HR Advisers also deliver workshops, seminars and briefings on employee relations matters such as managing sickness absence. Attendance on these workshops can be arranged via the Learning, Education and Development Division (LEAD) the Office of Human Resources. If there is sufficient demand within a work area on-site delivery of the courses can be arranged.

Support and guidance is also provided to managers in the preparation of business cases relating to staffing and other employment issues. This may include advice on job design, grading and organisational structures when appropriate.

Teams within the HR Management Division provide support to specific Departments.

Department, Board, Office Business Partner HR Adviser Assistant HR Adviser

Department of Infrastructure

Gambling Supervision Commission

Communications Commission

Clerk of Tynwald's Office

Manx Utilities Authority

Public Sector Pensions Authority

Cabinet Office

Department of Home Affairs

Attorney General's Chambers

Department for Enterprise

The Treasury

Michelle Clegg

+44 1624 685720

Linda Wheeler (Senior HR Adviser)

+44 1624 685778

Pauline Dolman
+44 1624 685722

Kirsty McDonald
+44 1624 697425

Andrew Cubbon
+44 1624 686618

Charlene Smyth
+44 1624 687426

Department of Health and Social Care

Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture

Anne Corkill (Strategic Business Partner)
+44 1624 685731

Janice Cowin (Operational Business Partner)
+44 1624 642658


Tom Nicol (Senior HR Adviser)
+44 1624 685726

Cath Ball
+44 1624 642674

Tanya Sanderson
+44 1624 642418

Anitha Joy
+44 1624 686765

Department of Education, Sport and Culture

Manx National Heritage

General Registry

Mary Slater (Business Partner)
+44 1624 686289

Katy McAlpine (Senior HR Adviser)
+44 1624 685829

Jody McDowell
+44 1624 685272

Louise Shaw
+44 1624 682317

Employment Services Section

The Employment Services section provides administrative services in relation to recruitment, changes to terms and conditions and cessation of employment.

How to get further Information about a vacant post

If you require more information about a post than is contained in the Job Description then you will need to contact the recruiting manager. A name and contact number for the recruiting manager is usually given in the recruitment documents and can be obtained from the Employment Services Team by contacting +44 1624 686300 or email